These are images of the spectacular memorial to the Roman Emperor Trajan, and of the brick and concrete Markets that he had built on the margins of his Forum in Rome.
This e-book has a narrower scope and contains more text than the other photography books on this site. But the wonder of Trajan's Forum and Column is not really apparent at the site, which is mostly a field of rubble. So I hope you'll excuse the prose.
As always, I encourage you to download the PDF file (about 30MB) from Google Drive where I have stored it, and view the images full-screen in a PDF reader on your computer or tablet. That's the best way to see what I wanted to share with you. To download the file, click on the three 'dots' in the Google menu-bar.

Thumbnails of the pages in this PDF. Please click on the image to download the PDF file (about 30MB).

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