Launceston & Strahan

Impressions from two pretty Tasmanian towns. This collection is a bit of jumble but I hope there’s something you like.

Nelson Falls, Derwent Valley, Mt Wellington

From our Tasmanian tour in April ’21, here’s a small collection of photos of the spectacular ‘wedding cake’ tiers of the Nelson Falls, and of a blazing sunrise over Hobart.

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Cradle Mountain National Park is one of Tasmania’s greatest lanscape sites. During our visit in April 2021, I made a bunch of images of the twin-peaks, the lake, the button-grass plains, the waterfalls and the ancient pine forests.

Palermo album cover

Palermo — art and grunge

An album of photos from a 2-day visit to Palermo, Sicily, in 2018. A fascinating, if unlovely, city with uniquely complex history and some outstanding architecture.

Roof architecture of Japan

Yes, I know this sounds a bit weird. Images of Japanese roofs? Really? Looking through hundreds of images I took…

Stories from Genesis

The stories of Genesis are the fond of a great deal of Western literature, art and even law. But most of us learned them as illiterates.