Palermo album cover

Palermo — art and grunge

An album of photos from a 2-day visit to Palermo, Sicily, in 2018. A fascinating, if unlovely, city with uniquely complex history and some outstanding architecture.

Roof architecture of Japan

Yes, I know this sounds a bit weird. Images of Japanese roofs? Really? Looking through hundreds of images I took…

Stories from Genesis

The stories of Genesis are the fond of a great deal of Western literature, art and even law. But most of us learned them as illiterates.


Messy, inconvenient, decayed or rotting. Pond weed seems an unpromising subject. I found these images clogging up the backwaters of…


Domes, like pyramids, are at the intersection of engineering and art; we admire them for both reasons.

Gray Poles

A series of images taken on a grey afternoon at a marina not far from my home. Please click the…