In the hills behind Palermo, Sicily, is the community of Monreale — "Royal Mountain" — and the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin, built by a Norman King of Sicily in the late 12th century, that contains a huge and spectacular collection of late Byzantine mosaics in gleaming gold, marble, glass and lapis lazuli.
This is the third and last part of my short series on Byzantine mosaics from the 5th to the 13th centuries in Ravenna and Sicily. All images were made in September, 2018. You’ll find other mosaic posts on my site on the Roman-Byzantine mosaics and classic Sixth Century mosaics in Ravenna — the Italian capital of the Byzantine emperor Justinian.
A PDF book of images from Monreale (18Mb) can be downloaded here. Below are some thumbnails of the pages which are much more impressive seen full-screen on your tablet or on your computer (Adobe Acrobat reader is the best viewer).

Page thumbnails from the photo-book. Please click the image to download the PDF

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