Domes, like pyramids, are at the intersection of engineering and art; we admire them for both reasons. Also, like pyramids, some of the most impressive are the most ancient. They impose themselves on the eye. But unlike other monuments, domes do more than occupy a space: they create a volume that is even more impressive from within than from without.
This is a sort of haphazard collection of images that I happened to have in my catalog. I’ve tried to draw together the threads of ideas that (I hope) I had when I pressed the shutter. But there are plenty of gaps here and maybe some loose threads, too.
Please download the PDF book (37 MB) and open it — on your computer, or tablet — in FULL SCREEN display. That’s how I meant it to be seen. Please let me know if you like it or hate it...

Page thumbnails from the photo-book. Please click the image to download the PDF

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