This site

This is the last of the several websites I have created over the past 30 years that I still maintain. The domains Inquit.com, PeterGallagher.com.au & MadBadDangerous.com now all redirect here. The latter two sites have been archived at Archive.org and saved (as of December 2021) to a PDF document that you may download and search. The archival and PDF links are in the footer of this page.


My email addresses all re-direct to my Fastmail mail server. Whatever address you now use will continue to work for the present. You can reach me, too, at peter at this site or, if none of those works, at gmail where my username is pwgallagher.


I don’t believe you arrived here by accident. So likely you know who I am already. If it has been some time, I can tell you I am now a harmless retired person who is a student of Latin and antiquity, an amateur but not an artist of photography and a beginner pianist (in hiatus that I swear is temporary).