Tasmania 2022 (2) — WesleyDale Farm

WesleyDale Farm Gate

We spent two weeks in Tasmania in March 2022: in the Tarkine region and later at WesleyDale farm near Mole Creek in the Mersey Valley, just on the eastern edge of the Central Plateau.

This collection shows images from the ‘heritage’ property WesleyDale farm and from the countryside around that part of Tasmania including a couple of waterfalls and a spectacular gorge at the edge of the central plateau.

Please click here to download a PDF file from my Google Drive. Google will offer to display the PDF in your browser: please do not do this. Instead, download the file (30MB) to your computer and view it ‘full screen’ in a PDF reader such as the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You can also download the file by clicking on the assembly of page thumbnails below.

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