Mount Aetna, Sicily

Mt Aetna is the largest active volcano in Europe: an immemorial feature of mythic and historical tales. There are geological records of its activity for the past half-million years and human records that date to the oldest tales in Western culture: the Homeric epics of the 8th century BCE.

Still, today, during a comparatively quiet volcanic era, it is an impressive and even threatening presence on the Sicilian east cost, facing Italy.

This PDF booklet contains a small group of images I made during a 2018 trip to Sicily, linked to a few items about the moutain’s mythic history.

As always, I encourage you to download the file (about 23MB) and to view the image ‘full-screen’ in your PDF viewer. Google Drive will display the PDF in your web browser, but please don’t do this.

Pages in this e-book

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