Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Certainly a hightlight of any tour of the great landscape sites of Tasmania is Cradle Mountain National Park. There are myriad opportunities for fantastic landscape images in this wilderness park, aside from the iconic twin-peaks and the fabulous Dove Lake. Like many tourists we saw a tiny fraction of the park in the two days we spent there in April, 2021. But I’m keen to share my impressions with you of the Moutain, the lake, the button-grass plains, the waterfalls and the ancient pine forests.

Please down­load the PDF book (36 MB) and open it — on your com­put­er, or tablet — in FULL SCREEN dis­play. That’s how I meant it to be seen. Please use the com­ments field below to tell me what you think (love it? hate it?)

Here’s an overview of the con­tents (click this to down­load, too).

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