Temple Art – the Nile

I took a boat along the Nile from Luxor to the dam at Aswan and then flew on to Abu Simbel in May 2011. It was a fabulous tour made even better by the determination of most Western tourists to stay away from Egypt during the turmoil that followed the “Arab Spring”. The boat was half-full, the monuments (slightly?) less crowded.

I had bought a small digital camera that seemed to have the best specs for something that I could put in my pocket. I wasn’t so interested in photography that I wanted a strap over my shoulders. The compact Olympus ZX-1 fit the bill.

The journey was memorable but I haven’t looked at the image files for many years. They were a mix of ‘out of camera’ JPEGs and  small (less than 10MB) raw files. But the current ‘lockup’ has given me an opportunity to bring them back to the surface and process them. They’ve come up better than I expected, although the small resolution doesn’t allow much room for cropping.

Please download the PDF album of these images (about 23MB) and view them in something like Adobe Acrobat, preferably “full-screen” on your computer or tablet.

Thumbnail images from Temple Art - The Nile
Please click on these thumbnail images from “Temple Art – The Nile” to download a PDF (about 23MB)

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