The colonnaded (‘hipostyle’) hall of the mosque with its doubled Moorish arches and columns of jasper, onyx, marble, granite and porphyry taken from older Roman buildings.

A dozen images of Cordoba, taken during a visit to Southern Spain in August, 2017. The images include the famous halls of the former 8th century Mezquita build by the Emir Abd al-Rahman I. The mosque was re-configured as the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption after the 13th century Reconquista, with further additions made up to the 18th century. It is, in effect, a magnificent architectural palimpsest with materials, design and details from Romam, Visigoth, Moorish, Gothic and Renaissance periods. Somehow, it all works.
Other images show the former minaret of the mosque, transformed to a campanile and the restored Roman bridge across the Guadalquivir river.

Please download a PDF book of these images to see them full-screen in the PDF reader (the free Adobe Acrobat reader is best for these images).


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