About this portfolio

This is an Apology for my portfolio of photographs: not for the photographs themselves, although you might think they deserve one.

The best reason I can give for publishing a portfolio of photographs is that I’m doing it for myself. I’m hoping the curation of my own images will remind me to think more deliberately about my intention when I make new images and to make better decisions about whether the result justifies that intention or not. Or if, as it too-often happens, I cannot figure out what on earth I was thinking at the time I pressed the shutter-button, at least curation forces me to sort the keep-for-some-reason from the file-and-forget stuff in my catalog. In short, this portfolio is mostly an attempt to “cut the crap“.

New photographers are, I guess, likely to reveal their newness (naivetĂ© or whatever) by the wide variance of their efforts around the sample average. If I’m doing my job right, what you find here should be at the top of the variance range, for now.

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